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Eric's Blog - Week Four

This is the fourth edition of Eric's Blog while we wait for the end of the lock-down or, at least, a relaxation of the rules. This week Eric has something to say about working from home, Gordon comes round for more conversations through the cat-flap, there are another twenty questions in the biggest 60s Pop Quiz Of All Time (there's still time to enter your answers for the last two weeks' questions by the way) and there's more News From Bored Actors. Let's go...

Over to Eric...

"I've been thinking this week about the concept of 'working from home'. There was something troubling me about it and then I realised it was the word 'working'. It's an alien concept to me anyway and the idea of bringing it into the house is a definite 'no-no'. However I did wonder about how some organisations were coping with it and below is my view of how the Navy must work from home.

After thinking about it all for a while it was giving me a headache so I went down to Morrison's, got a few cans of lager and got furloughed as a newt."

Through The Cat-Flap

"Gordon said he'd been hearing a lot about whether it was a good idea to wear a mask when you were out and that the general thought was now swinging towards it being a good idea, so he turned up yesterday dressed as Zorro. He was complaining through the cat-flap that although we now had a section called 'New From Bored Actors' there should be a section which was 'News From Bored Gordons' so he posted through his contribution. I reproduce it here to keep him quiet:

'Evening all. Gordon Bennett here. I have to say that I have been coping with this lock-down thing very well. I've barely noticed the difference to be honest as people have always shouted at me to go away when I approach them in the street. It is tough being locked-in for so long though - having to look at the same faces over and over, hearing the same old voices telling the same old stories, suppressing that urge to scream 'Let me out of here" at the top of your voice. But anyone who has sat through the Eric shows will be well used to dealing with these emotions and should sail through. I am using this time to improve my bass guitar skills so when I see you all again in a few months I won't get into trouble with Eric for hitting bum notes during Hi-Ho Silver Lining. To be fair, he is the only person who notices my mistakes. The rest of you, our esteemed audience, are usually by then on the wrong side of a bottle of sherry and singing along so loudly the band might as well unplug and go home. Ah, happy days! Take care and see you all soon. Much love, Gordon. x'"

The Biggest 60s Pop Quiz Ever - Part Three

Questions 41-60 in the world's biggest pop quiz. If you haven't started entering yet you can send your answers to the first 60 questions to david@davidgrahamentertainment.com and no cheating . To cheer us up the first ten questions are all about 'Summer' songs.

41. Three artistes had a hit with Sunny in the mid-60s. Name any of them.

42. Who had a hit with Summer In The City in 1966?

43. All Summer Long was an early album by which mega-group of the 1960s?

44. Good Day Sunshine was an album track by which band?

45. Summertime Blues was an early 60s hit for who?

46. Who's hit was Sunny Afternoon?

47. Here Comes Summer was a 1962 hit for which American? (probably his only hit)

48. Herman's Hermits had a hit with Sunshine .... what?

49. And, while we're at it, Donovan had a hit with Sunshine... what?

50. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore was a hit for which siblings (except they weren't)?

and now ten general question about the music of the 60s...

51. Who originally fronted The Mindbenders?

52. Who had a hit with As Time Goes By?

53. Who is Billy J Kramer's famous singing sister?

54. I Don't Want our Lovin' To Die was originally a hit for The Herd. Who was their lead singer and guitarist?

55. Who sang about Terry?

56. Which British female singer of the 1960s had the most consecutive No 1 hits?

57. Who sang Candy Man?

58. Who was the only female British singer to be signed by Tamla Motown during the 1960s?

59. Who sang A World Without Love?

60. What was Dusty Springfield's real name?


Another reminder that it's still not too late to submit your self-recorded version of Hi Ho Silver Lining for inclusion in the greatest pop video ever. Don't worry, you won't be singing alone. There'll be loads of people. The backing track is still on 'The Eric Phenomenon' page of this website so just do a quick video on your phone and e-mail it to david@davidgrahamentertainment.com. We'd like to see some from New Vic staff as well!

News Of Bored Actors

DAVID LONSDALE has played Eric's best friend, Gordon Bennett in six Eric shows.

"I have set myself a list of things that I would like to achieve during this period of internment. 'Do' the garden. 'Do' the house. Learn Spanish, Get fit.

I am currently trying to re-define what 'doing' means in relation to house and garden as I feel the closure of our local garden centres and DIY stores has largely put a stop to any major renovations. Undeterred, Diane, my wife, went searching around the house and shed the other day to see what left-over tins of paint we had with a view to using them up painting the downstairs loo! She found half a tin of lilac emulsion (matt), a full tin of antique white (silk) and a few inches of light grey (no idea - the outside of the tin is covered in paint). She sat, proudly surveying her finds, actually considering us rinsing off those brushes that have been sitting in turps for the last two years and making a start.

Now over 29 years of marriage the nearest we have ever got to divorce is during the hours that Diane has spent pouring over B&Q colour charts, agonising over which of three seemingly identical shades of cream to paint various rooms in our house. The concept that she was going to make this hitherto vital decision based on 'what we hadn't got round to throwing out' has been a complete revelation to me. The garden is coming along fine - however the quest for fitness is still some way off completion. In our household bubble we have, in addition to Diane and me, four youngsters (three of our kids plus one girlfriend) and they have introduced me to more tortuous ways of getting fit than I thought possible. On-line Zumba classes, dance-fit on the Wii, phone apps which tell you how far you've walked so you can't cheat, bums and tums workout with Karen! Jamie even has some scales which send an electric current through your body to ascertain how much body fat you have.

I have, on balance, decided that grey and lilac is a decent combination and am starting on the downstairs loo in the morning."

GEORGIA GAGEN had her first professional acting job with us on the last Eric show, Eric's

Christmas Panto, last December.

Whilst most actors appear to be recording their solo albums (I can't tell you how many have told me that's what they're doing) or providing amusing/entertaining/instructive videos on YouTube and Facebook, Georgia has chosen the practical approach and is working in ASDA in the Home Shop Department picking items for peoples' home orders. (Could you put in some better bananas next time, Georgia?)

Not to be outdone she has also recorded a duet with a friend of hers and is waiting for the edited result.

LAWRENCE RUSSELL has been in three recent Eric shows, most notably as the evil Hilter in Diamonds Are For Eric and as William Shakespeare in last summer's A Comedy Of Eric's.

Lawrence has been performing lots of short-form sketch characters which he has been regularly posting on social media and which can be found on his Instagram and Twitter feeds (@lawrencerussell).

Lawrence also has his own touring theatre company, Happy Idiot, which toured their production of Not: Lady Chatterley's Lover last year and they are hoping to take it out again this Autumn.

DAVID GOSLING has been with us for three productions so far. When I read his e-mail to me I initially only saw the first line which read "What I have been doing during lock-down - I have been growing a beard..." which I thought was not much of an effort really. However, David has also been doing maintenance around the house (it's amazing how many married male actors have been doing that - their own choice obviously!!), and, of course, lots of playing, singing and sax. David assures us that last word is spelt correctly. A photo of the new David (with beard) is shown below. He asked me to point out that he had dyed it white so as not to look too young. (I think he's sent in a picture of his Dad!)

That's it for this week.

Don't forget to add a comment at the end of this blog and like it by clicking on the heart. Keep in touch via Twitter and Facebook (@TheUncleEric) and return next Monday (04 May) to find out what's going to happen with lock-down and read the next edition of Eric's Blog.

Stay healthy and safe.

David Graham

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