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Eric's Blog - Week Six

I know all of us in this lock-down are saying the same thing - when will it all be over. Well, not yet as here is the sixth edition of Eric's Blog. This week Eric looks at the question of social distancing (especially in America) and, having seen Eric play Scrabble with his cat earlier in this series, has a look at how his dog is coping with lock-down. No sign of Gordon this week (hope he's ok) but another twenty questions in The Biggest 60s Pop Quiz Of All Time and a bit more News From Bored Actors.

Here's Eric...

"No doubt you all have your views on social distancing but I'm sure we all generally agree it's a good thing and is helping the situation. It took a while for the American leadership to catch on (well, you can't expect colonials to be as quick as us) but below is a photograph of the moment President Trump and the White House Corona TaskForce recommended avoiding gatherings of more than ten people. Can anybody spot the irony...?

Earlier in this series I showed you a photograph of my cat cheating at Scrabble and many of you have asked what has been happening to my dog, Brian. Well, he's heard that dogs can't get the virus but is very aware of the dangers of me going outside so he's been taking himself for a walk instead.

Through The Cat-Flap

Normally at this point in the blog I would be telling you about all the nonsense that's been coming out of Gordon's mouth through the cat-flap but he hasn't been round this week and the only thing that's being coming through the cat-flap is the cat.

He did ring me however to tell me his Coronavirus joke. Here it is. A man walked in to a Chemist's and asked what killed the corona virus. The assistant replied 'Ammonia Cleaner' and the man said, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you worked here.'

I just wanted to finally add my voice to the complaints about people who break the social distancing rules which are clearly helping the situation. It just proves the point that there are two things which help spread the virus in this country: a) how dense the population is and b) how dense the population is!"

The Biggest 60s Pop Quiz Ever - Part Five

Questions 81-100 in the biggest pop quiz in the world. Again there is still time to submit your answers from the previous four weeks and the quiz is now open to past Eric show cast and New Vic staff as well. But no looking up the answers on Google. You can e-mail all your answers to david@davidgrahamentertainment.com.

First ten are general questions about 60s music:-

81. What was Dusty Springfield's first solo hit in 1963?

82. Who invented the recording technique known as The Wall Of Sound?

83. Who were Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield better known as?

84. What was the real name of Herman of Herman's Hermits?

85. As well as being in Crosby, Stills and Nash which other British group was Graham Nash a member of?

86. Who had a hit with Little Red Rooster?

87. Love Child was a 1968 for which group?

88. What was Roy Orbison's breakthrough single in 1960?

89. Honey was a 1968 hit for who?

90. Which film featured Simon and Grafunkel's 1968 hit Mrs Robinson?

Can you work out the following anagrams of 1960s solo artistes?

91. Ring hen-pecked tumbler

92. Severly slip

93. Dines awash

94. Uptalk clear

95. Narrate half ink

Finally, which songs do these lyrics come from?

96. I thought love was only true in fairy tales

97. I bet you're wondering how I knew about your plans to make me blue

98. And now these days are gone I'm not so self-assured

99. When you're alone and life is making you lonely

100. I love the colourful clothes she wears and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair.

News From Bored Actors

Just one bored actor this week. PIPPA LEWIS has performed in two Eric shows, I'm Eric, Get Me Out Of Here at Christmas 2018 and she played Frances Bacon in A Comedy Of Eric's last summer.

Pippa is one of the brave people who has been working at a Special Needs School for children and young adults in London throughout the lock-down, with the school staying open to provide respite for parents who are struggling through this tough time.

Like so many actor-musicians she's also been writing and recording music and, like so many people in general, has turned to gardening as is proud of her tomato and cucumber plants.

The photo below is of Pippa "in my fabulous, chic work attire."

That's it for this week.

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Stay safe and well.

David Graham

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