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Eric's Blog - Week Three

Here is the third of Eric's Blogs doing its bit to help during these exceptional times. In this edition you will find more musings from Eric on the lock-down, another section to the biggest 60s pop quiz ever, news of some of the regular cast members and more reports of conversations with Gordon through the cat-flap. Let's get straight over to Eric.

It's Eric...

"This week I got so bored at one point I decided to play Scrabble with the cat. It all started off well until the cat took to cheating. As you can see below, he just kept putting down the same word. Now that's just not playing the game, is it?"

Through The Cat-Flap...

"Gordon's been round again and we've been having more social-distancing conversations through the cat-flap. He said he'd heard that rats and snakes couldn't get the corona virus so did that mean that journalists were safe. I said that keeping a distance of six feet away from my ex-wife Madge wouldn't be a problem. After all it's 94 feet closer than the restraining order says. We also discussed the tricky subject of why people leave cars worth thousands of pounds on the drive and fill their garages with worthless rubbish. Still, it's comforting to know that I can save the world by sitting in front of my telly for six weeks. More next week. In the meantime leave me a message at the bottom of this blog or visit me on Twitter and Facebook (@TheUncleEric). I really would like to hear from you.

Stay safe." - Eric

The Biggest 60s Pop Quiz Ever - Part Two

Another twenty questions in the world's biggest 60s pop quiz. If you haven't done the first twenty they're in Eric's Blog - Week Two and there's still time to enter your answers. You can let me have your answers from last week and this week via e-mail at david@davidgrahamentertainment.com. I did suggest last week that you could also leave them in the comments section below but then I thought that everybody else could then copy your answers so just e-mail them please.

Last week's questions were all about songs with girls' names in the title. The first ten this week are songs with boys' names in the title.

21. Pink Floyd's second hit was a boy's name. Any idea who he was?

22. Alan Price sang about this man and his dancing bear. Who was he?

23. Martha and the Vandellas' first hit was about this man. Could his full name have been James McDonald?

24. Who, in a Beatles song, had a hammer?

25. Manfred Mann's hit told you that My Name Is...what?

26. Cilla Black and Dionne Warwick had hits with this film title song. But who was it all about?

27. At the start of the 60s this knife-wielding man gave Bobby Darin a hit. Who was he?

28. At about the same time John Leyton wanted who to remember me?

29. At the other end of the 60s The Equals had a hit with Viva...who?

30. He was big, he was bad, but what was his name?

The other ten questions this week all have song titles connected with transport. Fill in the gaps.

31. Trains And .... And ..... (Burt Bacharach, 1965)

32. Magic ..... (The Who, 1968)

33. Leaving On A ..... (Peter, Paul and Mary, 1969)

34. Last ..... To Clarksville (The Monkees, 1966)

35. Crosstown ..... (Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1968)

36. Drive My ..... (The Beatles, 1966)

37. Baby .... (Simon and Garfunkel, 1969)

38. ..... Stop (The Hollies, 1966)

39. On The ..... Again (Canned Heat, 1968)

40. My White ..... (Tomorrow, 1967)

Get the answers in as soon as you can. Sheila and Paul Tams are leading after the first week but there's plenty of time for that to change. Another 20 questions next week.

Hi-Ho Silver Lining

There's also still time to get in the videos of you singing Hi Ho Silver Lining. The backing track is on the 'Eric Phenomenon' page of this website so just video yourself on your phone, either alone or with family members, singing all or part of the song, send it in (email to david@davidgrahamentertainment.com) and we'll cut them all up and edit them into an amazing pop video. Come on, you know you want to.

News Of Bored Actors

ALAN HOWELL, who was in both shows last year, A Comedy Of Eric's and Eric's Christmas Panto, as well as about a dozen other previous Eric shows has been keeping busy by learning and recording a new song every day and then making a quick video and sticking them on his Facebook page.

As he says, "I only give myself an hour to learn the song and record it. For that reason some are a little ropey but it keeps me playing. I'm doing requests, theme-song Thursdays and Fleetwood Mac Fridays."

Al had also moved into his new house this year so "I've also taken this time to unpack my boxes and am now surrounded by guitars!"

KENNY DAVIES, who was in A Comedy Of Eric's last summer and, before that, Diamonds Are For Eric, Strictly Eric, Maverick and Downtown Abbey, has probably the biggest news of all.

He and his wife are expecting their first baby in September. We wish Kenny and Beth well and look forward to him returning bleary-eyed and half-asleep for one of next year's show.

HELEN TURNER, known to Eric fans as the light-fingered waitress Florrie in Eric's Christmas Party and the German ballroom dancer Claudia in narrowly escaped being stuck on the cruise ship she was working on. She was in the last group of crew members able to leave the Oasis Of The Seas on 24 March just before the ship went into lock-down.She is now at home in Yorkshire twiddling her thumbs and singing to herself. However as part of the singing group, The Satin Dolls she has been busy live-streaming every day since the lock-down began. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

JACK PINDER, better known to Eric audiences as 'the one that does Mick Jagger' has also been busy. He is working on a new solo album, The Beautiful Gloom, which he hopes to release before Christmas as well as recording voice-overs and doing a documentary series for Turkish TV! Jack's recent work can be found on YouTube and on Joe.co.uk.

Jack says, "Today I should be doing my accounts but I'm writing this instead. Isolation is quite tough. It's like Las Vegas here - we're losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hour and nobody knows what time it is."

There will be more news from Bored Actors next week.

Don't forget to add a comment at the end of this blog and like it by clicking on the heart. Also keep in touch via Twitter and Facebook (@TheUncleEric). And be back next Monday (27 April) for the next edition of Eric's Blog.

Stay healthy and safe.

David Graham

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