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Eric's Blog - Week Two

Welcome to the second of Eric's blogs to see us all through these strange times. In it you will find Eric's musings on the lock-down, reports of his conversation with Gordon through the cat-flap (social distancing), the start of the biggest 60s pop quiz ever, a musical project to bring us all together and, first, a popular game adapted for the Covid-19 times.

Where's Wally?

At some time or another everyone has had a go at Where's Wally?, pages of drawings of crowds in the midst of which the challenge is to find the drawing of Wally. Well, here is the version for the current times...

Through The Cat-Flap...

"Hello, Eric here! Well, here we are three weeks into lock-down and life is certainly different. Instead of sitting in my armchair all day reading the paper and then going down the pub I am now taking the opportunity to catch up on reading classic literature (yes, books) by one of my favourite literary giants, Enid Blyton. And the beer from Morrison's is certainly cheaper than that stuff Bert serves at the Dog And Duck. I remember being in there in January and a bloke comes in and, making conversation, says 'looks like rain'. And I said, 'yes, and it tastes like it as well!' I was barred for a week. Anyway, Gordon's been round a few times and we're continuing to have our chats through the cat-flap. We discuss major philosophical topics mostly mixed with issues like what we're having for our tea. Over the past week we have discussed the following:-

1. When people go to McDonald's why do they order a double cheeseburger and large fries and then have a Diet Coke with it?

2. Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

3. Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

We'll be discussing other earth-shattering topics next week.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got an e-mail yesterday that said it was from a bored local housewife, 43, looking for some hot action! Yes! So I sent her my ironing.

Don't forget you can leave a comment at the bottom of this blog and I really would like to hear from you. You must be as bored as I am!

Stay safe." - Eric

The Biggest 60s Pop Quiz Ever!

Starting this week will be the biggest 60s pop quiz you ever did see. There will be 20 questions every week and you can submit your answers either via the comments section below or via e-mail to david@davidgrahamentertainment.com. We'll keep a running total of the leading scores which will build up every week with every additional set of questions. Please don't cheat and use Goggle or whatever it's called. This week's questions are all about songs with girls' names in the title. Right, here we go...

1. Scott Walker had a hit in 1967 with a song, the title of which was a girl's name. What was it?

2. In 1968 the same singer had a follow-up hit with song whose title was another girl's name? Can you remember this one?

3.Wilson Pickett bought this girl "a brand new Mustang, Nineteen-sixty-five". What was her name?

4. In 1966 The Hollies apologised to this girl in the title of the song. Who were they sorry to?

5. The Four Pennies had their only No 1 hit with a girl's name in 1964. Who was she?

6. The Beatles had a girl's name in an album track about a traffic warden. What was the song?

7. They also had a song about a name on a grave headstone. What was that?

8. The Everly Brothers claimed they were a circus act for this girl. A clown for who?

9.The Hollies also sang about a girl who either came from a town in Greater Manchester or liked a type of cake. Who was she?

10. Donovan used the same girl's name in one of his hits. What was the title?

11. The Four Tops sang about a girl who could have been a saint at Lourdes. Who was that?

12. What's the name of Elvis Presley's latest flame?

13. Lennon and McCartney wrote it but The Overlanders had a No 1 hit with this girl's name with a French flavour. Some of the lyrics were even in French. Who was she?

14. The Beach Boys had a hit with a girl's name which sounded like they were stuttering when they sang it. What was it?

15. In fact, the previous song had two girls' names in it so you get another point here if you got it right.

16. The Beach Boys also had a hit with a song where they appeared to be asking assistance from this girl. What was that?

17. "Are you better, are you well, well, well?" asked Georgie Fame - of whom?

18. Honeybus couldn't let her go in their No 1 hit but who was she?

19. In this hit for John Fred and the Playboy Band she was in disguise. Who?

20. Pink Floyd's first hit in 1967 was an invitation to see someone play. Who was it?

The answers will be in next week's blog as will the next 20 questions in the 60s Pop Quiz Of the Year.

Every Cloud Has A Hi-Ho Silver Lining

Now, a chance to be involved in a huge project! As you know, every Eric show ends with a rendition of Hi Ho Silver Lining where everyone joins in. However, at that point I'm the only one with a microphone so I don't get to hear your fabulous vocal offerings. Now we're going to change that. If you go to 'The Eric Phenomenon' page on this website you will find a backing track for the song. What we want to is everyone to film themselves singing along to all or part of the song and then send it in and we will put together a compilation video of everyone singing Hi Ho Silver Lining. Here is your chance to star in a pop video! You can be alone or with members of your family and the lyrics are below. If you just want to join in the chorus that's fine as well. When you've done it e-mail it to me (david@davidgrahamentertainment.com) and we'll start putting together the video which will appear on this website. Fun, huh?

The lyrics are:-

You're everywhere and nowhere, baby, that's where you're at, Going down a bumpy hillside in your hippy hat. Flying across the country and getting fat Saying everything is groovy when your tyres are flat

And it's hi ho silver lining and away you go now baby I see your sun is shining but I won't make a fuss Though it's obvious.

Flies are in your pea soup baby, they're waving at me Anything you want is yours now, only nothing's for free. Lies are gonna get you some day, just wait and see. So open up your beach umbrella while you're watching TV

And it's hi ho silver lining and away you go now baby I see your sun is shining but I won't make a fuss Though it's obvious.

Guitar solo

And it's hi ho silver lining and away you go now baby I see your sun is shining but I won't make a fuss Though it's obvious. And it's hi ho silver lining and away you go now baby I see your sun is shining but I won't make a fuss Though it's obvious.

I look forward to receiving your videos and your quiz answers. Also, don't forget to add a comment at the bottom of this blog. Tell me whether you like what we're doing, other elements you might like to see included, any comments on previous shows (what were your favourites, what would you like to see again) and any ideas for new shows. Like the blog by clicking once on the pink heart and keep in touch via Twitter and Facebook (@TheUncleEric). Most importantly come back next Monday (20 April) for the next edition of Eric's Blog.

Stay healthy and safe.

David Graham

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