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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Welcome to Eric's Blog, a regular message from Eric to keep you amused, entertained and informed during these strange times.

It's Eric!

"Well, what about all this then? There we were about to rehearse Eric's Full Monty, feeling nervous about getting our kit off, wishing we hadn't agreed to it and that we were doing Eric's Pride And Prejudice instead, when our blushes were saved in the most unexpected fashion. Lock-down! Gordon's been round but I haven't let him in. We've been social distancing by having conversations through the cat-flap. We've been discussing important issues like why does the winner of Mr Universe always come from earth, whether eating snails is the opposite of fast food and whether becoming a vegetarian was a missed steak (I think that's what he said). Anyway, Bev suggested I started a blog and, after I looked up what that was, it seemed like a good idea and here it is. At the end of each one it'll say when the next update will be so you can come back and waste some more time. Let me know what you think."

What To Expect From This Blog...

"I'll be keeping you up to date with all the important news - what I'm doing, that sort of thing - as well as when the next show will be. In terms of the dates for the show, so far we've had two false starts and no idea when we'll have another go. Sounds like my love life with Madge! See you next time. Stay safe." - Eric

Eric's next blog will be on MONDAY next 13 APRIL. I'm hoping to get him to include some more jokes, plus maybe a quiz or two and a few stories about cast members past and present. Also, there is a rumour that there will be an Eric novel out in time for the Christmas show and maybe we'll get a few tasters of that over the new few weeks as well. Escape from reality for a short while with Eric's Blog coming your way whether you like it or not. Stay healthy and safe. - David Graham

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